Nathan’s 2019/20 Winter Training Schedule

I think the consensus of the group is that the previous year’s schedule worked ok so, I’m not planning any major changes to last year’s rotation.  I think the negative split 30/28 out to Aireborough Leisure Centre was more popular than the tempo loop so I’m planning to just use the negative split session this season.  The schedule will start on Tuesday 24th Sept with the tempo session.  Sessions have the usual 7:30 start. Hi-vis tops are now mandatory.  Training cycle will be:

  • Wk 1: Tempo (30/28 negative split)
  • Wk 2: Hills
  • Wk 3: Farsley Fartlek
  • Wk 4: Lawnswood  ½ and 1 mile Reps
  • Wk 5: Adel Fartlek
  • Wk 6: “Surprise” Session (dust down that head-torch)

Please feel free to join me.  If you have not run with me before and are tempted – these are generally 9-10 mile sessions with about 3 miles run at your “race pace” with steady (~8min/mile) running recoveries between efforts, except Lawnswood where the rest periods are timed.  I’m always happy to answer any questions and if you are not sure whether to join me, the best taster sessions are Tempo, Hills and Lawnswood Reps. Fartleks and Surprise runs are usually more committing ….

308/10/2019Farsley Fartlek
415/10/2019Lawnswood Reps
522/10/2019Adel Fartlek
629/10/2019“Surprise” Session
919/11/2019Farsley Fartlek
1026/11/2019Lawnswood Reps
1103/12/2019Adel Fartlek
1210/12/2019“Surprise” Session
1424/12/2019No Session
1531/12/2019No Session
1714/01/2020Farsley Fartlek
1821/01/2020Lawnswood Reps
1928/01/2020Adel Fartlek
2004/02/2020“Surprise” Session
2325/02/2020Farsley Fartlek
2403/03/2020Lawnswood Reps
2510/03/2020Adel Fartlek
2617/03/2020“Surprise” Session
2907/04/2020Farsley Fartlek
Summer has arrived !!


Main image credit: Scott Leach