Learn to run with Horsforth Harriers Absolute Beginners Group (ABG)

Do you want to improve your fitness, make new friends and feel good about yourself? The Absolute Beginners Group at Horsforth Harriers can help you achieve your aim. The ABG is a friendly and accessible group learning to run by running and walking, all to a planned schedule.

The focus of the group is to introduce people to the joy of running, using Six Week Courses to build up from a very basic level. Everyone will be encouraged to progress at their own rate. If required, the plan can be tailored to suit members’ individual needs.

The Absolute Beginners Six Week Courses are run back-to-back. We use three different schedules, which keeps the overall structure of the courses the same, whilst introducing variety into the weekly sessions.

If you would like to join the Absolute Beginners please download and print yourself a copy of the appropriate schedule.

The next 6 week course will commence on Tuesday 19th February 2019 and we will be using Schedule 2.

If you are already able to run or run/walk you may not need to wait until the commencement of a course.

Please have a look at the content of our three schedules. You will see some running is recommended on three days/week.

Schedule 1Schedule 2Schedule 3

The Club session is held on Tuesday evenings, the other two are for you to do on your own or with some of your new friends from the group.

We meet from 7.00pm in the Horsforth Community Sports Association building on King George’s Playing Field, Brownberrie Lane. Horsforth. Please see the map on our Contact page. The session commences with a warm up at about 7:20pm. We run or run/walk a short course for about an hour. This includes rests, advice, information and encouragement and finishes with cool down stretches.

As a new starter you will be helped to find your own run/walk programme and encouraged to improve. You will be provided with a six week training schedule and advice on all aspects of running for fitness and enjoyment. At the end of the six weeks you will be able to complete a 5K such as a Park Run or a Race for Life.

The first three weeks are free. After three weeks, if you like us, you will have the opportunity to join Horsforth Harriers. The fee for 2017/18 is £56 which includes the £13 England Athletics Competition Licence and a club vest.

Please contact Hilary Wharam for further information, Tel. 0113 250 5673, email hilsrun1@talktalk.net

ABG September 2016

ABG September 2016

Absolute Beginners - Horsforth Running Club

Horsforth Harriers Q & A

Horsforth Harriers meet every Tuesday from 7pm. Groups set off at 7.30pm. We are based at the Horsforth Community Sports Association building (King George’s Playing Field, Brownberrie Lane).
There is a dedicated car park and nearby street parking. Please be aware of restricted zones and don’t upset the locals!
Yes. We have use of two shower rooms.
There is a safe and we take security very seriously. However, we don’t have exclusive use of the building and ask that you try to leave your valuables at home or carry them on your run. You are able to leave bags, coats etc. in the club changing rooms, which are locked during our runs.
No. We invite you to run with us a couple of times and then join officially. No further payment is required for normal training and showers.
Open all year and in all weather. No excuses!
A club vest is included in your joining fee and you will be encouraged to take part in relays and to proudly wear your club colours whenever you race.
Don’t worry about this. We have many groups from beginner to winner. All our group leaders are England Athletics qualified and fully insured. Full details of training groups can be found in the Members Section of this website.
Speed work sessions are available to full members and runners of similar ability meet up to train.
We have a website, closed Facebook group and targeted emails to keep members informed.
We hold our own race each year which boosts club funds. All members are required to help on a rota basis.
See “How to Join Us” on the club website. https://horsforthharriers.co.uk/how-to-join-us/

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