Club Welfare

Horsforth Harriers has two dedicated welfare officers in line with England Athletics requirements . If you need to report any kind of incident or would like any running-related wellbeing support, please contact us via

Welfare officers: Jim Hopkinson and Jenny Harrison

Jim Hopkinson

Jim Hopkinson

Jenny Harrison

Jenny Harrison

Welfare Policy

Aims and Objectives

To advise the Horsforth Harriers Committee in the case of serious incidents to ensure that matters are dealt with in compliance with England Athletics policies and procedures and the Horsforth Harriers Constitution.

To provide support for club members for running-related welfare issues

To offer support to members who are currently unable to run with the club.

The Welfare Officer’s role

Advise and support the Harriers Committee and other Club Officers in all matters relating to welfare policies and procedures and to support the club and its members to adhere to codes of conduct and good practice.

The Welfare Officer should ensure there is a process in place within the club for auditing DBS checks and UKA Licences of all Coaches and Group Leaders to ensure they are regularly updated (every three years).

Respond to suspected breaches of the Welfare Policies and Procedures that may be referred to them, in accordance with the club’s Welfare Procedures, and to advise and support other club officers or committee members on how to respond appropriately in accordance with the procedures

To provide opportunities for club members who cannot currently run to engage with the club and its members.

The Welfare Officers will ensure that anything disclosed to them will be kept strictly confidential unless the EA Welfare Officer Policy states otherwise.

Provide advice to members as to where they can get professional support.

What is outside the Scope of the Role

Providing Counselling

Link to EA Welfare Role and Responsibilities

The Welfare Officers will when necessary consult with UKA Lead Safeguarding Officer.

We also hold a Run/Walk&Talk session on the first and third Wednesday of every month, meeting at 7pm outside The Old Ball. This is a 5km run, suitable for all abilities and aimed at anyone who wants an easy run and a chat or who is returning from injury.