Horsforth Harriers Group Training Matrix

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GroupGroup LeaderGroup Leader SupportIs it for me?Target 10k Pace
1Nathan CrossleyAlan SquireStructured sessions requiring a fairly high degree of personal input. Sessions last 90 minutes with efforts being 50% of session.
2Mark A SmithAlan Squire
Sustained running over mixed terrain for those wishing to achieve a 1:30 Half or 0:40 10k or group 1 runners taking a break
3Martin CoatesAngus Teanby
Garth De Roux
Various structured sessions including tempo runs, fartlek and hills. Aimed at runners who can achieve a sub 1:35 half marathon.
4Bev HurstStructured sessions to help achieve 46 min 10k, 1h 45m half marathon building up to sub 3h:50m marathon46 mins
5Keith ParkSteve WoodSummer runs will be mainly off road for stamina which will include hills. Winter runs will be occasionally longer distances with hills and tempo runs on other nights on shorter runs.
6Peter RussellA new group set up to cater for runners who can manage an 8.5 – 9.5min per mile pace.
7Cath GrayJackie FordVarious structured sessions including tempo runs, fartlek and hills. Aimed at everyone wanting to improve their race times. Currently training around 10 minute miling and suitable for runners wanting to get under 2 hours for half marathon and under 55 minutes for 10K. We also do regular 10 mile runs - very 6 weeks or so and these begin at 7pm - group will be told and info put on facebookSub 55 mins
8Marie HartJacueline StackTraining runs of 5.5 – 6 miles, start with a warm up, efforts with run backs, then cool down. Structured sessions which include tempo runs and hills. 10 minute mile (ish) pace.Sub 1hr
9Helen FaggKen KaiserWe do about 6 miles at 10-11 min mile paceSub 1hr
10Deborah LightowlerMarie Russell
Jane Squire
The group to be in once the ABG programme is completed, Regular stop and regroup points - 12 minute milers
11Hils WharamJamie StewartYou’ve just taken up running and decided to join Horsforth Harriers: This is the group to start your journey