Thursday Sessions to Help You Blitz Your Way Through Winter.

This 5 week rolling training schedule is led by club coaches Garth de Roux & Marie Hart and is designed to help you become:

Fitter, Faster, Stronger and Challenge Yourself to Work Harder. It’s easy to give in to the winter elements and sit cosily at home but YOU don’t want to do that!!!

We meet at 6.55pm at the HCSA club house to set off running at 7.00pm sharp.

Garth and Marie encourage all runners to try the sessions out. To manage the full session, you will need to be able to run at least 5 miles non-stop, however there are adaptations to this if you are a beginner and would like to join in.

If you have any queries please do see us at the club on Tuesdays or contact us on:

Marie: Mobile 07948558424 or email

Garth: Mobile 07931586919 or email

Important Safety Instruction

  • Reflective gear/bibs MUST be worn at all times as all the sessions are on streets/roads.
  •  All the routes cross roads so please take the utmost care when crossing these and watch out for uneven pavements/pot holes etc.


  •  Session 1 – Coach led at the start and finish only, therefore you are responsible for your own safety and for knowing the route.
  •  Session 2 – 5. Coach led throughout.

Dependant on the weather sessions may be changed or cancelled.

No session on the 27th December 2018.

All distances are approximate.

Session 1 – Tempo run.


4 distances based on 10K pace. All routes start from the club and finish down St Margaret’s Avenue at the junction with Stanhope Avenue.

The aim of a tempo run is to maintain a faster pace than a steady run in order to increase your stamina and awareness of pace judgement. As always you determine the speed you run at.

ALL distances cover the same last mile and a half so this is where you push yourself that bit harder, as you chase down runners ahead or try to stay in front of fellow runners and then give it your all in a sprint finish to the end.

Route 1.     5.4 miles suitable for 55 plus minutes 10k pace.

Route 2.    6.1 miles suitable for 47 – 54 minutes 10k pace.

Route 3.     6.6 miles suitable for 41 – 47 minutes 10k pace.

Route 4.     7.7 miles suitable for 41 mins and below 10k pace.

Session  2    6 x 800 or 5x 1000 metres Intervals

Warm up – Run from the club to start of the intervals on Cookridge Avenue. You choose which distance you prefer and how many efforts 5 or 6 efforts (start and finish in the same place) with timed recovery walk/jog in between each effort.

Warm down – We run back to the club house.

Session 3   Hill Reps

Warm up – We run from the club house to 1st warm up hill on Woodhill Court (just off Woodhill Road) then on to three other hills in Cookridge for 4 or 5 reps on each hill.

Warm down – We run back to the club house.

Session 4 400 metres Intervals

Warm up – We run from the club house to Lee Lane (back of Trinity College) then 10 or 12 reps on Southway.

Warm down – We run back to the club house.

Session 5 The Variety Run 1.25 miles (2 or 3 times).

Flat, downhill, uphill – a bit of everything with a sprint finish.

Please take EXTRA CARE on Outwood Lane as some areas have no pavements to run on. When one pavement runs out cross over and use the pavement on the other side of the road.

Warm up run from the club house to Junction of Crag Road/ Ring road then to the start of the effort on:

Junction of Wood Lane/Outwood Lane. Run along Outwood Lane to the very end, turn left, then left again at the roundabout to go up the ring road (keep to the pavement at all times) to the FINISH on Broadgate.

Recovery between efforts – walk/jog back to effort start and off you go again.

Warm down – We run back to the club house.

1. Tempo run See maps.11/10/201815/11/201820/12/201831/01/201907/03/2019
2. 800/1000 metre intervals18/10/201822/11/201803/01/201907/02/201914/03/2019
3. Hills25/10/201829/11/201810/01/201910/02/201921/03/2019
4. 400 metre intervals01/11/201806/12/201817/01/201921/02/201928/03/2019
5. Variety Run 1&1/4 mile efforts08/11/201813/12/201824/01/201928/02/201904/04/2019