Where – Leeds Trinity University, Brownberrie Lane

When – every Thursday from 19th April to 20th September inclusive (except for 31st May as it’s our ABC race).

Time – Again this year there will be two sessions available.

6:00pm – 6.50pmGive it a Go sessions. Suitable for beginners, those new to running or runners who are unsure if track training will suit them. Don’t be scared or put off by what you hear others say about track training. Come along and find out for yourself. You run at your own pace.

7.00pm – 8:00pmThe three S’s (Speed, Stamina and Style). Suitable for experienced runners of all abilities.

The sessions will be led by experienced coaches Marie Hart and Garth de Roux. They are designed to help you gain more confidence in your running ability, build up speed and stamina, all whilst maintaining an efficient running style and posture. These sessions are held in an enjoyable and supportive environment.

Normal running shoes are fine. You will need a watch for timing your recoveries between efforts (essential for 7.00 – 8.00pm session). You come along as and when you can make it.

So, what are you waiting for (other than 19th April), add track training to your running diary. Consistent training and the effort you put in (as is the case in all areas of running) will help you reap the rewards of reaching whatever goal(s) you set for yourselves.

If you have any questions at all about the sessions, please contact your coaches on:

Marie marie.davemc@googlemail.com or 07948558424

Garth gmrderoux@gmail.com or 07931586919

We look forward to seeing you on the 19th April.

Marie and Garth.

 PLEASE NOTE – With our apologies, under 18’s cannot join us on the track this year as HH does not have a junior section we cannot meet Trinity University booking conditions set out in their contract of a:

Child Protection or Child safeguarding policy for any under 18’s on site.

Track Training Points


Track Etiquette. This is for everyone’s safety to prevent collisions.
1. If someone behind you shouts ‘track’ you should move to your right.
2. When you are on your effort take care when passing other runners.
3. When you have finished your effort, either move onto the grass or if not possible look behind and when safe to do so move to the very outside lanes.
4. If you are asked to keep to specific lanes by the leader you must do so. They will have taken into account how many runners are on the track.

If you are new to track or speedwork the advice would be:

Be cautious. Don’t go off too fast and try and keep up with someone else. Run at a speed you feel comfortable at. If you are totally gasping for breath after the first effort you’ve gone off too hard.

Track sessions are about:

Controlling the hard efforts and spreading your energy evenly over the set distance or time.

Think about your style/posture. Are you too tense/trying too hard/hands clenched = brakes on. Give yourself time to think about your style/posture and see if by changing anything you move more quickly/fluently = brakes off.

Recoveries between efforts. They are the building blocks to the hard effort. If you go too fast/ too slow/cut short the recovery time, you won’t fully benefit from the session. Experienced runners know when they need to be cutting their recovery times to maintain even pace off shorter recoveries.

Track sessions do put more stress on your body/joints so it’s very important you listen to your body.

If you feel any niggles at all, don’t try and push through it, ease down or move off the track and stretch gently. Only resume the efforts if you feel able to do so. As you become more experienced on the track you will know when to ease back/stop/work harder.

Lastly but not least: Enjoy challenging yourself to work harder.