Marie & Garth’s Thursday Evening Summer Track Training Starts on Thursday 18th April 2019.

All abilities welcome however please choose the session that suits you best.

Please note it’s essential to:

  • Have warmed up properly before the start time by running at a relaxed pace for at least 1 mile (run to the track or get there earlier and do 4 laps of the track).
  • To fuel and hydrate correctly beforehand as you can only get the best from your body if you provide it with the energy it needs to perform in the way you are asking it to. This means not skipping lunch and maybe have a small meal in the hours prior to training.  It’s also essential to refuel and hydrate after training too.

If you ask your body to work hard you need to give it the energy to do just that whether it be track training, racing, every day training.

Where – Leeds Trinity University, Brownberrie Lane.  Meet at the track. No changing facilities unless you pay at the sports hall to use their changing facilities. There are toilets for our use.

When – every Thursday from 18th April 2019 to 19th September 2019 ( no session on Thursday 30th May as it’s our ABC race).

Session Times –

6:00pm – 6.50pmGive it a Go sessions.  Suitable for beginners, those new to running or runners who are unsure if training on a track will suit them. Don’t be scared or think ‘I’ll be too slow for track’. Please do come along and give them a go. You run at your speed and you will find yourself among a great supportive, encouraging group and go away with an abundance of happy endorphins at the end of the session.

7.00pm – 8:00pmThe three S’s (Improving Speed, Stamina and Style). Suitable for experienced runners (those who have been running consistently for at least 6 months) of all abilities.

How will track help me?

What you can expect to get from track training:

Improvement in overall performance in a variety of ways. Increase of speed, pace judgement, helps you focus on a more efficient form/style, brings a knowledge of how to warm up, cool down including stretches and really does gives you a stronger, more positive mental attitude/focus on what you can achieve.

Please be aware, if you are injured or recovering from an injury, track training can place more stress on your body so please do ask Garth or Marie for advice before trying it out.

We look forward to seeing you on Thursday evenings over the Summer.

Marie Hart and Garth De Roux (Club Coaches)