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A great time was had by all at the annual club presentation night held at Horsforth Golf Club. We were treated to an opening YMCA dance by some of the club’s finer specimens, as well as a half-naked ‘name that athlete’ competition which is a sight that will be forever tattooed on our collective subconscious.

Thanks to Bob Foulkes, Liz Huby and the club committee for making the night a huge success. Congratulations to all the prize winners (details below). The Club Championship format implemented by Tony Hazell now means there are even more opportunities for runners of all abilities to shine. Congratulations to Tony for his receipt of the Marc Springer award for outstanding contribution to the club. This is for his work on the Championship and also managing the Apperley Bridge Canter.

Thanks must also go to Andrew Charles (aka ‘The Supreme Athlete’) for his usual witty job as compère for the evening, as well as our Club Captains Bev Elliott and Alan Squire who presented the awards.

Female Winners
Aiveen Smith Club Champion: Parkrun; 10k; Run Britain Handicap
Jane Webster Club Champion: Mile
Bev Hurst Club Champion: 5K (F50) Marathon; Half Marathon; 10Mile; 10K
Serena Blackburn Club Champion: Fell
Becky Lawrence Club Champion: Cross Country
Claire Piercy Club Champion: 10Mile
Lindsey Clegg Club Champion: Half Marathon; Marathon; Long Distance (F35) 10K
Ruth Moran Club Champion: Multi Terrain
Fiona Dickie (F45) Marathon; 10K
Hilary Wharam(F65+) Marathon; Half Marathon; 10Mile
Bev Elliott (F40) Half Marathon
Cath Gray (F55) Half Marathon
Sheila Mason (F60) Half Marathon
Jill Hobson (F40) 10Mile; 10K
Angela Pattinson (F45) 10Mile
Frances Wilson (F55) 10K
Gini Knight (F55) 10Mile
Angela Johnson (F60) 10K
Charlotte Allen (F65+) 10K

Lindsey Clegg – Club Champion

Male Winners
Ciaran Forde Club Champion:  Parkrun; 10k; RunBritain Handicap
Colin McFadden (M50) Marathon
David Womersley (M60) Half Marathon; 10Mile; 10K
James Hingley Club Champion: Long Distance
Keith Park (M60) Marathon
Kevin Watson (M65+) Half Marathon
Mark Monaghan Club Champion: 10Mile; Half Marathon( M35) Half Marathon; 10Mile; 10K
Mark Smith Club Champion: Marathon
Martin McCleave (M45) 10Mile
Neal Edmondson Club Champion: 5K: Multi Terrain (M35) Marathon
Neil Burton (M40) Marathon; 10K
Paul Gidlow Club Champion: Fell Overall Half Marathon (M40) 10Mile
Reece Milton Club Champion: Mile
Richard Butterfield (M55) 10Mile; 10K
Richard Duffy (M65+) 10 Mile
Richard Pattinson Overall 10Mile (F50) 10K
Steve Large (M50) Half Marathon
Steve Raby (M55) Half Marathon
Tom Feather Club Champion: Cross Country
Tony Hazell (M45) Half Marathon; 10K

James Mangeolles – Club Champion

The infamous ‘name that athlete’ competition

Club Captains taking the mic at the 2016 presentation night

Men’s Club Champion 2016 – James Mangeolles

*Thanks to Melanie Coates for the photos

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