Punk Panther Short Circuit Ultra 50K (31 miles)

Punk Panther Races started in 2017. They are a series of 6 Ultra Marathons. Points given each race will count towards an annual trophy for men and women. Punk Panther Races all start in Otley and finish in Pool-in-Wharfedale. They are a minimum of 50K and are run over a variety of challenging courses in West and North Yorkshire visiting stunning scenery including Ilkley Moor, Otley Chevin and the many reservoirs and beauty spots the area has to offer.

Starting in Otley the Short Circuit route goes straight up the steps to Surprise View at the top of the Chevin it then heads over to Bramhope then Cookridge. Then around the runway of Leeds Bradford Airport (outside the fence!) Over to Yeadon Tarn then Guiseley Woods, up to Hawksworth, then Menston up onto the moors towards Ilkley and the famous Cow and Calf Rocks, down through Ben Rhydding and up to Timble then across to Norwood along the beautiful Lindley Wood Reservoir through Leathley to the finish at Pool-in-Wharfedale.

Neal Edmondson finished 2nd place in 5:20:09. A fantastic result for Neal! Stephen Hutchinson also completed the route in 8:38:43.

Neal Edmondson being congratulated on his Punk Panther 2nd place

Shepherd’s Skyline Fell Race

This year was one of the biggest fields ever for the Shepherd’s Skyline Fell Race with 328 finishers. This is a fast, muddy course – with a steep descent off Stoodley Pike for the kamikaze descenders, immediately followed by a stiff climb back up the hill for the stout-legged. Just two Harriers completed the race in typically muddy conditions. Caroline Thomas finished in 68.26 and Daniel Metcalfe in 99.34.

Sunday 5th November 2017

Leeds Abbey Dash 10K

Nearly 9000 runners turned out to enjoy the 32nd running of this annual favourite, dashing out to Kirkstall Abbey and back into the centre of Leeds. It was a chilly morning, with clear and bright conditions. Over 50 Harriers took part in this year’s race with some great performances.

Harriers team at Abbey Dash

Ciaran Forde was first Harrier home in 34:25. He was followed by: Philip Boynton 36:57, Steve Large 37:51, Reece Milton 38:00, Graham Cottam 39:16, Aisling Wall 39:35, Martin Critchley 39:53, Mark A Smith 39:59, Paul Gidlow 41:42, Philip Jones 42:13, James Mangeolles 43:26, David Womersley 43:32, Martin McCleave 43:34, Stuart Little 43:39, Jenny Oldridge 44:09, Becky Lawrence 44:19, Nick Hewland 44:42, Ron Taverner 44:58, Emily Forde 45:33, Chris Smith 46:42, Ed King 47:04, Ian Robertshaw 47:24, Bartley Foulkes 47:28, Charlie McNicol 48:30, Caroline Asquith 49:31, Dani Clemens 49:35, Jane Glover 49:42, David Dutton 51:45, Peter Russell; 52:20,  Jonathan Shaw 52:24, Ella Whiteley 52:58, Alistair Bullward 54:08, Tommy Dickson 56:03, Carolyn Weir 57:54, Deborah Lightowler 59:43, Sam Foster 1:00:17, Emma Harris 1:01:11, Nadine Sweeney 1:01:12, Jacqueline Stack 1:02:47, Lisa Speed 1:03:44, Kate Burkett 1:05:44, Maria Russell 1:05:55, Phil Smedley 1:06:31, Tara Dawber 1:11:22, Kirstie Wormald 1:12:35, Marsha Morris 1:14:59, Sue Lumby 1:16:52, Donna Milner 1:19:44, Davinda Rai 1:19:52, Michelle Little 1:20:32 and Suzanne Mann 1:46:58.

Davinda Rai, Kirstie Wormald & Michelle Little (left to right) – members of the ABG who successfully completed this year’s Abbey Dash

More happy Harriers at Abbey Dash 10K

Guy Fawkes 10

This weekend’s other big event was the ever popular and always sold out Guy Fawkes 10 from Ripley Castle. Andy Perkinson was first Harrier across the line in 1:08:20. He was followed by: Lindsey Clegg 1:09:08 (2nd F35), Garth De Roux 1:14:45, Tracy Carroll 1:16:46, Bev Hurst 1:18:27, Vicky Miller 1:19:49, Jill Hobson 1:23:35, Rob Webster 1:24:30, Paul Beal 1:23:59, Keith Park 1:25:59, Ruth Hodgson 1:27:05, Steve Wood 1:30:00, Kelly Houton 1:34:05, Sarah Papadimos 1:35:27, Catherine Gray 1:35:46, Clare Dougherty 1:37:54, Gini Knight 1:41:10, Julie Norman 1:41:41, Philip Ramsden 1:43:57, Fiona Waterhouse 1:45:00 and Nicola Barnett 1:50:02. 811 finished.

Smiling Harriers at Guy Fawkes 10 – photo by Nidd Valley Runners

Lindsey Clegg at Guy Fawkes 10 by Nidd Valley Runners

Julie Norman at Guy Fawkes 10 by Nidd Valley Runners

Fiona Waterhouse at Guy Fawkes 10 by Nidd Valley Runners

Philip Ramsden at Guy Fawkes 10 by Nidd Valley Runners

*Main image credit: Harriers team at Guy Fawkes 10 – photo by David Owen