Sunday 4th November

Leeds Abbey Dash 10K

Over 8000 runners turned out to enjoy the 33rd running of this annual favourite, dashing out to Kirkstall Abbey and back into the centre of Leeds. It was a dry morning, with clear and bright conditions. Over 40 Harriers took part in this year’s race with some great performances.

Jon Eagle at Abbey Dash 2018 by Simon Cullingworth

Reece Milton was first Harrier home in 38:23. He was followed by: Steve Large 38:48, Greg Brant 38:56, Steve Raby 39:07, Martin Critchley 40:34, Graham Cottam 42:37, Brendan Foley 43:05, Kristian James Henry 43:07, Nick Hewland 43:53, David Womersley 43:54, David Thirlwell 44:53, Naakesha Seth 46:11, Marianne Burgess 46:17, Darran Wilson 46:23, Helen Thomson 47:24, Giles Wilkes 48:18, David Dutton 48:34, Andy Bisset 49:12, Bartley Foulkes 48:35, Helen Barber 49:15, Steven Allen 50:16,  Jonathan Eagle 50:29, Louise Bisset 50:42, Merry Hill 51:52, Bev Hurst 52:52, Michael Yeadon 53:01, Tom Dickson 54:38, Hayley Moore 58:31, Julie Smith 59:08, Deborah Lightowler 59:43, Hannah Swift 1:00:12, Nikita Wilton 1:01:48, Fiona Meth 1:02:10, Amy Hannell 1:03:13, Rowena Thomas 1:03:38, Becky Black 1:03:41, Marcel Varney 1:03:45, Elisabeth Holdsworth 1:03:59, Meryl Paige 1:04:02, Catherine Croft 1:09:15, Marianna Henry 1:10:34, Ginny Dutton 1:10:59, Nikita Watson 1:11:07, Eleanor Lilley 1:12:06, Marsha Morris 1:16:01, Emma Hill 1:17:52, Hilary Wharam 1:19:46, Jan Calvert 1:18:31, Sue Lumby 1:18:31 and Michelle Little 1:45:08. 8157 finished.

A gaggle of Harriers at Leeds Abbey Dash

Eleanor Lilley who completed her first 10k race at this year’s Abbey Dash

Nikita Wilton – who also completed her first 10k race this year

Left to right: Ginny Dutton, Tom Dickson, Dave Dutton & Bev Hurst at Abbey Dash 2018

Main image credit: Greg Brant at Abbey Dash by Simon Cullingworth

Guy Fawkes 10

This weekend’s other big event was the ever popular and always sold out Guy Fawkes 10 from Ripley Castle. It was a great Harriers turnout with 31 runners taking part. First Harrier home was Philip Boynton in 1:00:39 (3rd male finisher). He was followed by: Paul Gidlow 1:03:40 (3rd M40), Aisling Wall 1:06:48 (1st lady and new course record), Barney Plummer 1:09:07, Lindsey Clegg 1:12:08 (2nd F35), Andy Perkinson 1:13:16, Becky Lawrence 1:18:43, Paul Beal 1:19:17, Fiona Dickie 1:20:53, Joanna Shevlin 1:21:11, Jane Webster 1:22:12, Bev Elliott 1:23:42, Rob Webster 1:24:17, Jenny Harrison 1:24:31, Jessica Jones 1:25:11, Ruth Hodgson 1:25:27, Steve Wood 1:25:38 (3rd M65), Jill Hobson 1:26:18, Martin McCleave 1:26:19, Alison Traynor 1:28:20, Keith Park 1:28:45, Natalie Wood 1:29:58, Robert Halstead 1:30:53, Emma Harrop 1:32:17, Carol Ramsden 1:33:54, Victoria Brides 1:33:58, Philip Ramsden 1:38:42, Catherine Gray 1:39:43, Nicola Barnett 1:40:03, Jacqueline Stack 1:44:29 and Fiona Waterhouse 1:46:21. Aisling, Lindsey & Becky won a prize for 1st ladies team and Philip, Paul & Barney also got a prize for 3rd men’s team. Congratulations to them!

Horsforth Harriers at Guy Fawkes 10 2018

Left to right: Jacqueline Stack, Cath Gray, Carol Ramsden & Philip Ramsden at Guy Fawkes 10

Philip Boynton – first Harrier home at Guy Fawkes 10 – photo by Philip Bland

Lindsey Clegg at Guy Fawkes 10 by Steve Davey

Paul Gidlow at Guy Fawkes 10 by Philip Bland

Nicola Barnett at Guy Fawkes 10 by Steve Davey

Aisling Wall & Lindsey Clegg collecting prizes at Guy Fawkes 10 – photo by Philip Bland

Paul Gidlow & Philip Boynton – prize winners at Guy Fawkes 10 -photo by Philip Bland