Saturday 3rd March 2018

Welcome Ultra 51K

The Welcome Ultra 51K is part of the Punk Panther Race Series. This was the first of six events scheduled to be held in 2018. The races all start in Otley and finish in Pool-in-Wharfedale. They are a minimum of 50K (31.5 miles) and are run over a variety of challenging courses in West and North Yorkshire visiting stunning scenery including Ilkley Moor, The Chevin and the many reservoirs and beauty spots the area has to offer. Large snow drifts made for some challenging conditions this year. Neal Edmondson finished 2nd in a time of 5:44:05. Garth De Roux was 8th in 6:24:20. Excellent results despite the cold and snowy conditions – well done!

*Main image credit: Garth De Roux at Welcome Ultra 51K