Saturday 30th June 2018

Endure 24

This is a beautifully scenic ultra running event, offering solo runners and teams the opportunity to run for 12 hours. It takes place over a 5 mile (8 kilometre) woodland trail loop in Bramham Park and through the camping and event race village.

In the mixed team event, Horsforth Harriers finished 14th with a total time of 24:08:28 after 33 laps. The fastest lap was 35:10 run by Sean Veal. Congratulations to the team: Steve Wood, Amy Hardy, Keith Park, Martin McCleave, Jenny Harrison and Sean Veal.

In the male solo event – Garth De Roux did 16 laps in a total time of 22:28:20 (80 miles). Ian Fitzgerald did 15 laps in 23:16:27 (75 miles). Charlotte Allen took part in the ladies solo event. She completed 10 laps in a time of 23:05:21 (50 miles).

*Main image credit: Harriers team at Endure 24

Wharfedale 3 Peaks Challenge

This event is the Upper Wharfedale Fell Rescue Teams’ main fundraising event of the year. Participants have the opportunity to take on the challenge of walking or running either the three peaks of Birks Fell (610m), Buckden Pike (702m) and Great Whernside (704m) or just two – Buckden Pike and Great Whernside. It’s a great alternative for those who have completed the Yorkshire 3 peaks and want another challenge – some say that it’s even harder because of the terrain covered! All entry fees go to the team; those entering the three and two peaks routes receive an official finishing time, a hot meal at the finish, a commemorative t-shirt and other event souvenirs. Tim Knighton-Swift completed the Three Peaks version of the challenge (22 miles), finishing in 5 hours 23 minutes.

Sunday 1st July 2018

Eccup 10

Now in its 25th year, the ever popular Eccup 10 returned for another sellout race and was once again a scorcher. This is an undulating 10-mile rural race which includes a circuit of Eccup reservoir. The heat was unrelenting despite the 9.30am start and some shady parts on the course.

Smiling Harriers posing after surviving Eccup 10

Philip Boynton was first Harrier home, finishing in 9th position and a time of 59:24. Neil Burton was close behind in 13th position and a time of 1:00:49. Other Harriers results were as follows: Neal Edmondson 1:06:24, Chris Rankin-Wright 1:07:40, Greg Brant 1:08:58, Mark Smith 1:10:29, Philip Jones 1:15:12, Becky Lawrence 1:18:41, David Womersley 1:19:07 (3rd M65), Paul Beal 1:19:20, Victoria Miller 1:21:01, Bev Elliott 1:22:30, Charlie McNicol 1:23:03, Ian Robertshaw 1:23:32, Jessica Jones 1:25:25, Kevin Watson 1:27:21 (3rd M70), Marianne Burgess 1:27:28, Sarah Papadimos 1:33:04, Emma Harrop 1:34:00, Steven Allen 1:34:39, Tommy Dickson 1:38:27, Nicola Barnett 1:42:52, Steve O’Hara 1:44:13, Joanna Mingham 1:45:22, Donna Milner 1:46:42, Karen Weddle 1:49:02, Jacqueline Stack 1:49:09, Emma Harris 1:49:23, Helen Fagg 1:54:46, Phil Smedley 1:55:40, Lisa Speed 1:56:02, Hilary Wharam 2:20:02 (2nd F75) and Sue Lumby 2:20:55. 764 runners finished.

Harriers at Eccup 10 by Aaron Badkin

Neil Burton at Eccup 10 by Philip Bland

Charlie McNicol at Eccup 10 by Aaron Badkin

Greg Brant at Eccup 10 by Aaron Badkin

Nicola Barnett at Eccup 10 by Philip Bland

Steven Allen at Eccup 10 by Philip Bland

Lisa Speed at Eccup 10 by Philip Bland