Sunday 30th September 2018

Black Sheep Challenge

Race Report from Colin McFadden:

I was the only Harrier who entered the Black Sheep 6 hour challenge on Sunday 30th September. The format of the race is basically to run as many of the 3.4 mile laps in 6 hours as you can. This was the first time I had attempted anything like this and I managed 10 laps – just short of 34 miles, in 5 hours 5 minutes and 46 seconds before retiring.

The winner managed 14 laps – nearly 47 miles in 6 hours 27 minutes (you are allowed to start your final lap as long as it’s before the 6 hour cut off).

It was excellently organised by It’s Grim Up North running and a bottle of beer and a Black Sheep sausage awaited all finishers. I’d recommend this to anyone looking for a long distance challenge – I think their next one is in January.