Northumberland Coastal Run 2018

This is a multi-terrain race taking in trails, footpaths, beaches and roads. The Northumberland Coastal Run is one of the most spectacular races in Britain. Starting at Beadnell, the route takes runners through fishing villages, along the beach and in the shadow of Dunstanborough Castle before finishing in Alnmouth. The actual distance varies from year to year depending on tides but is usually about 14 miles. Heavy rain and a strong headwind made for some very tough running conditions this year. 29 Harriers took part. Philip Boynton was first Harrier home in 1:30:11. He was followed by: Aisling Wall 1:35:45, Chris Rankin-Wright 1:40:03, Lindsey Clegg 1:47:48, Lee Greenhalgh 1:52:14, Ron Taverner 1:54:58, Phil McGeever 1:56:42, Martin Coates 1:57:44, Paul Beal 1:59:57, Fiona Hanson 2:04:21, Jenny Harrison 2:04:26, James Mangeolles 2:05:02, Alison Traynor 2:06:38, Serena Blackburn 2:06:55, Jill Hobson 2:08:16, Steve Wood 2:11:34, Bev Elliott 2:12:16, Sarah Papadimos 2:14:11, Marianne Burgess 2:14:25, Natalie Wood 2:14:39, Tommy Dickson 2:15:56, Steven Allen 2:19:25, Nicola Barnett 2:28:50, Naakesha Seth 2:29:27, Louise Whitehouse 2:29:37, Gini Knight 2:32:46, Jacqueline Stack 2:38:18, Fiona Waterhouse 2:46:18 and Sheila Mason 2:51:04. Congratulations to you all. 947 finished.

All smiles before the Northumberland Coastal Run

NCR 2018 start

Ron Taverner at NCR 2018

James Mangeolles at NCR 2018

Nicola Barnett at NCR 2018