Golden Acre Relays

This is a 3 x 2.75-mile relay, over an undulating course of fields and pathways within Golden Acre Park. It was a great turnout for this year’s event. 123 teams took part with 18 Harriers teams.

A massive THANKS and well done to all the regulars and newcomers, those who wanted to take part but were unable to for various reasons, those who stood in at the last minute, as well as Alan Squire for the excellent team organisation.

Everyone did brilliantly and remember it doesn’t matter if you’re first or last, the main thing is to enjoy the experience and to run as part of a team.

Men’s Open Team – 8th
Mark Smith, Greg Brant & Paul Gidlow
Total time: 48:59

Horsforth Hurriers Codgers  – 22nd
Alan Squire, Paul Freeman, Mark Smith
Total time: 54:00

Horsforth Harriers Mixed Team A – 30th
Reece Milton, Becky Lawrence, Graham Cottam
Total time: 55:07

Horsforth Harriers Ladies A – 32nd
Aisling Wall, Vicky Miller & Lindsey Clegg
Total time: 55:32

Horsforth Harriers Boo Boos – 36th
Phil McGeever, Serena Blackburn & Benjamin Johnston
Total time: 57:17

Horsforth Harriers Men’s Team B – 49th
Max Rowell, Barney Plummer & Sam Foster
Total time: 59:35

Horsforth Vets (BCB) – 50th
Bob Foulkes, Colin McFadden & Brendan Foley
Total time: 59:36

Horsforth Harriers Also Rans – 54th
Martin McCleave, Martin Coates & Philip Jones
Total time: 1:00:00

Horsforth Harriers Mixed But Matched – 64th
Paul Beal, Louise Bisset & Andy Smith
Total time: 1:02:01

Horsforth Harriers Ladies JJC – 72nd
Jessica Jones, Jenny Harrison & Charlie McNicol
Total time: 1:03:27

Horsforth Harriers Ladies – 77th
Sarah Papadimos, Natalie Wood & Alison Traynor
Total time: 1:05:35

Horsforth Harriers Ladies X – 85th
Mercedes Martin, Janette Freeman & Naakesha Seth
Total time: 1:07:03

Horsforth Harriers – Born to Run! – 86th
Steven Allen, Vicky Brides & Tommy Dickson
Total time: 1:07:06

Horsforth Harriers Old Gits – 95th
Steve Wood, Pete Scanlon & David Womersley
Total time: 1:10:00

Horsforth Harriers Old Vets – 105th
Steve O’Hara, Ian Taylor & Andy Bisset
Total time: 1:11:02

Horsforth Harrier Hurriers – 115th
Fiona Waterhouse, Nicola Barnett & Phil Smedley
Total time: 1:17:21

Horsforth Harriers Harts – 120th
Sheila Mason, Julie Eastwood, Jacqueline Stack
Total time: 1:20:54

Horsforth Harriers Snails – 122nd
Laura Reynolds Talbot, Emma Harris & Deborah Whiley
Total time: 1:23:29

Jenny Harrison wrote a blog about her experiences at Golden Acre which you can read below:

My club had 18 teams entered at the Golden Acre Relay (in contrast to the seven teams we entered at Danefield). A couple of friends and I had formed a team beforehand, knowing we were all similar speeds, so we went quite well together. This one was just an off road relay, rather than a fell relay, so nowhere near as hilly.

Again, I ran second (though not due to me being the slowest this time, I think we would have struggled to put us in a order based on speed as we’re all quite similar, so it probably just depends on who’s on form on any given day). This route is about 2.6 miles, and also starts with an uphill. Sigh.

I actually overtook a couple of leg two runners from my club on the first uphill, leaving me a bit worried that I’d set off way too fast, but I figured all I could do was keep going. After the initial hill, we turned into some woods and after I overtook a few more people, I could hear a runner breathing hard behind me, and I kept thinking he would run past. When he eventually did, it turned out he was another runner from my club, and he overtook me then stayed not too far in front.

The route was a lot less challenging than the previous week, thankfully. It was quite pretty, through lots of wooded areas, then out onto fields. At about two miles, we turned uphill a little and I overtook the guy from my club again as we ran up, then stayed ahead of him until almost the end. When we emerged from the woods, there were loads of people cheering who had already run their legs, and the noise and cheers were brilliant – I love that kind of thing at a race! There was then just a short loop round the field to the changeover point, and just before the end my club-mate outsprinted me!

I felt pretty awful for a minute after finishing, which is usual over such short distances due to the hard effort, but recovered pretty quickly. I was quite pleased with my time for this one, and felt a lot better when running than I had the week before. It was a lot of fun since there were so many people there from the club (and in general) and it was really nice to be able to cheer on the leg three runners as they came in towards the end.

It’s fun chatting to other club runners before races start, getting to know people a bit better and generally just enjoying the event experience.

Alan Squire at Golden Acre Relay by Philip Bland

Lindsey Clegg at Golden Acre Relay 2018 by Philip Bland

Mark Smith Greg Brant & Paul Gidlow at Golden Acre Relay 2018

Naakesha Seth & Tommy Dickson at Golden Acre Relays by Philip Bland

Pete Scanlon at Golden Acre Relays by Philip Bland