Sunday 3rd September 2017

Leeds Country Way (LCW), now in its 27th year, is held annually around the end of August or the first week in September. The race comprises of 6 pairs of runners in each team, running a leg around the actual LCW route. An approximate total of 64 miles are covered, at a total time of around 7 hours. Route descriptions are given to each participating team, and teams are encouraged to run or walk the routes before the race.

The race is split into 6 sections or LEGS of similar lengths, each starting and finishing in set places. These places are known as CHANGEOVER POINTS. The LCW is made up of 6 legs and each leg is raced by two people from the same club. These are known as PAIRS. Each pair races against other pairs from other clubs. 6 pairs are therefore needed to make up a TEAM. All the pairs on leg 1 set off together and run as fast as they can along a prescribed route to the changeover point which forms the start of leg 2. A baton is handed over and the next pair set off on the next section and hand over to the pair on leg 3. This continues until leg 6 runners get to the end of their leg which is where it all started hours before.

Big congratulations to the Ladies A Team who came 1st in an overall time of 08:59:08. The Harriers’ Men’s A Team finished in 9th place.

Horsforth Ladies triumphed at this year’s LCW Relay

Ladies Captain Bev Elliott said after the race:

“I would like to say a personal thanks to each and every one of you who has had a part to play in the success of Horsforth Harriers today. That includes people who have supported the team and ferried runners around.
I would like to thank Hilary Wharam for the drink stations and Ron Taverner for clearing nettles and brambles from leg 4!

I am chuffed to bits with the the Ladies A team winning and the ladies B team placing 3rd but also some great runs on the open team. Some people stepped in at the last minute or swapped onto other legs at short notice, for which I’m extremely grateful. Lastly, thanks to Ron Taverner and Alan Squire for their help in putting the teams together.”

Men’s Captain Alan Squire said: “It’s a great event to be part of. Congratulations to the ladies for smashing it. Us boys will keep plugging away at it. Can’t wait until next year!”

Full results can be viewed here.

Steve Large & Reece Milton at LCW 2017

Pete Scanlon & Kelly Squires at LCW 2017

*Main image: Harriers at start of Leeds Country Way Relay 2017

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