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Haweswater Half Marathon – 5th March 2017
Race Report by Philip Ramsden

The central activity of a few days in the Lakes; I was pretty sure of being the first Harrier home, by virtue of being the only one there. Yet as we leave the car park, there are Helen Coutie and Fiona Dickie, who have driven up for the day just for the race!

It’s a good one. The weather is fair for the sold-out event, just shy of 600 runners participating. It’s an undulating, all road and scenic route,

None of us had intention of PBs, which was just as well. There’s undulating, then there’s long, indeed prolonged, ups and downs, and a turn around to do it all again on the out-and-back route.

It’s about two miles out to get a sight of the reservoir, away and down to the right for the rest of the way out. We were warned about a large puddle across the road on the way there, which proved the airflow in my shoes was working correctly (and again on the way back). At times, water gently flowed across the road off the hills, adding to the general rural feel of it all.

About five and a half miles out, I could see the end of the lake, and that the road appeared to drop down towards it, and damned if there weren’t runners on it, heading for the turnaround point. You could hear the groans as runners realised we would have to be coming back up said long slope before too long.

It was halfway down it that I met Fiona and Helen coming up the other way, looking all smiley and relaxed. In truth, because I’d taken it steady going out, it wasn’t that bad a return climb – long, persistent, but not steep (not compared to the ring road anyway).

Fiona Dickie & Helen Coutie at Haweswater Half by Eden Runners

We bombed along, more ups and downs, rarely flat until we left the lake, back through the puddle, into Bampton and a bit of weaving through the cars as earlier finishers tried to leave. A fine memento, a cup, filled with tea, accompanied by a welcome flapjack.

It’s a good run, although would be exposed in inclement weather. Top notch marshalling, support and organisation. Bampton is a bit in the middle of nowhere (4 miles from Shap, but it took almost an hour from Ambleside). It did make a good excuse to go to the Lakes for a long weekend though. Or in Helen and Fiona’s case, a grand day out.

Fiona Dickie 1.48.49
Helen Coutie 1.48.49
Philip Ramsden 2.11.59

Philip Ramsden

PS. In the end, I settled for being first male Harrier.

*Main image credit: Eden Runners

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