We are widely regarded in the running community as one of the friendliest clubs in North West Leeds. We welcome all abilities – from new runners through to experienced competitors. We have a membership of over 300 runners, comprising of men and women aged from 18 – 80. Runners joining us will benefit from the vast knowledge and experience of our members. Whether your ambition is to run competitively or just to improve your fitness and meet new friends, Horsforth Harriers is the club for you!

Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport: a warning for club runners

Early in December 2018, I developed a running injury - a sharp pain in my pelvis.  It came out of the blue with no warning. The only thing I could put it down to was that I’d overdone it in the previous few weeks and had also been under a lot of stress at the time. I did a couple of races (a PECO and the final Even Splits 5k) in the week before which I knew I shouldn’t have done so initially I blamed myself for simply overdoing it. What has unravelled is actually more significant.