How long have you been a Horsforth Harrier?

I joined when I was 59, which would make it about 2005. I only joined because my daughter Wendy didn’t like crossing Hall Park in the dark!

Which training group/s do you normally run with?

I am generally bringing up the rear with Debbie & Jane’s group. What’s not to like with lots of women and two or three men? Loved Keith’s group for his routes (to die for!) and found a spiritual home in Helen’s group. Slowing down caused my cascading!

What are your running goals for the year ahead?

I never had goals but simply to run (and hopefully beat the person in front of me!)

What is the PB you are most proud of?

PBs have never bothered me but if pressed I would say the middle one of my three marathons, which was Windermere Marathon. I did it in 3.00.13 (and no, I wasn’t disappointed that I didn’t break the 3 hour barrier). That was 1982.

What was your first race?

My first race in the seventies (I was unattached) was a 2 lap 10 miler around my home town, Shaw. I was followed around the course by the sound of feet slapping the ground and on looking around I saw a elderly man (probably like me now!) in black plimsolls, black shorts & a white singlet (Alf Tupper?). I couldn’t shake him off but he didn’t pass me!

Sporting the trademark short shorts back in the day…

What’s your favourite race, and why?

My favourite race is a choice of three:- Three Peaks, Ben Nevis or Karrimor Mountain Marathon and I’ll pick the Three Peaks if only for the fact that approaching Ribblehead there was a guy with a megaphone letting the spectators know tidbits about the runners & he announced “here is no.322 Pete Scanlon, 2nd in the Manx Mountain Marathon,” which was news to me as I’d never been to the IOM! Unfortunately for me Pat Kelly, a fellow Rossendale Harrier,was behind and heard this. It was topic of much mirth around the club for weeks!

What is your most memorable experience as a Horsforth Harrier?

I have always liked doing the Leeds Country Way Relay and my partnering with Steve O Hara, Keith Park, Ian Taylor and Kelly Squires in the four I’ve done were all memorable experiences.

With Kelly Squires at LCW 2017

Do you have any favourite motivational running quotes or things that inspire you?

I have been inspired by ALL of the runners in my three running clubs – Rossendale Harriers, Pudsey & Bramley Harriers, and of course, Horsforth Harriers!

Touring with the Harriers parkrun group

Complete this sentence: “I run, therefore I am…”

….daft(I call it!)

Photo by Simon Cullingworth