More Harrier parkrun congratulations for Michelle Little, Sam Foster and Tommy Dickson who became Horsforth Harriers’ first Yorkshire parkrun Regionnaire’s on Saturday 17th February 2018. They did this by completing all 43 parkruns within the Yorkshire and Humber Region. That’s 215km of running and many more committed miles of driving.

They completed their 43rd and final Yorkshire parkrun at Peterpan parkrun.

Enjoy your Saturday morning lie-ins guys! Well deserved.

Regionnaire – someone who has run all the parkruns within a parkrun region.
Yorkshire Pud-done – the state of having completed all the parkruns in Yorkshire and the Humber.

Find out more about this in the parkrun tourist jargon buster here.

Main image: Tommy Dickson, Sam Foster & Michelle Little celebrate becoming parkrun regionnaires!

Words by Steven Allen

The trio were all smiles after completing their last run at Peterpan parkrun on 17th February