Hi Everybody –

So unless you’ve been living in a remote jungle or the North Pole for the last few weeks or months you’ll know that Horsforth Harriers has had its final Tuesday evening training run from Hall Park Cricket Club and from 14th June we’ll be heading across Horsforth to run from the fantastic new facilities at Horsforth Cricket Club, henceforth known as the Horsforth Community Sports Association (HCSA), just beyond/behind the Old Ball pub.

Here are a few points for all members to note:

First, and temporarily, the place, although ready to go and open for business, is still a bit of a work in progress. As they always do, delays occur in the completion of these things and in truth although it’s happening rather later than first intended, our move there is rather sooner than subsequently planned. Please bear with the staff there if things don’t run quite as anticipated – it’s all pretty new to them as well. We’ll all get there.

Second, as I hope you’ll know, we are having a ‘Welcome Party’ there on 17th June (I’ll be at the North Pole, unfortunately).INCIDENTALLY, IF YOU’VE SAID YOU ARE ATTENDING PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU DO. WHILE THE CLUB ARE PUTTING THIS ON FOR FREE IT IS NOT WITHOUT COST!

Finally, and this is IMPORTANT SO PLEASE NOTE CAREFULLY – there are a couple of ‘Tuesday Night Etiquette’ rules for everybody – AND I MEAN EVERYBODY – to follow.

1) It is likely we’ll be using a couple of the interior changing rooms on Tuesday, especially while the cricket season is in progress. This means we need to get to the changing rooms via the bar and a corridor, both newly floored and carpeted. PLEASE REMOVE YOUR TRAINING SHOES BEFORE ENTERING THE CLUB, ESPECIALLY IF THEY ARE WET AND MUDDY (TO BE SURE TAKE THEM OFF EVERY TIME!). IF YOUR SOCKS ARE IN A SIMILAR STATE TAKE THEM OFF AS WELL! I’ve suggested the club might acquire some ‘scene of crime’ type overshoes as insurance, but initially, take ‘em off!
2) NO BAGS ARE ALLOWED IN THE BAR. I know we don’t, by and large, have the vast trunks that cricketers haul about, but the rule applies to everybody, cricketers, footballers, and runners. TO THAT END THERE IS A BAGGAGE STORAGE AREA ON YOUR LEFT AS YOU GO DOWN THE CORRIDOR TO THE INSIDE CHANGING ROOMS. (if in doubt where this is, ASK!). LEAVE YOUR, BAGS, SHOES AND OTHER LUGGAGE THERE PLEASE.
That’s it. Not too onerous you’ll agree. Please park considerately, play nicely and I’ll see you there.

Ian P (on behalf of the committee)