Thank you all for volunteering to run.

The Calderdale Relay is on Sunday 15th May starting at 8am from Heath Rugby club. Details of the routes for each leg and cut off times can be found on the website below.

Provisional lists of runners (and leg allocations) are listed below:

Leg 1 Ruth Moran & Lindsey Clegg
Leg 2 Bev Hurst & Caroline Thomas
Leg 3 Joanna Shevlin & Bev Elliott
Leg 4 Liz Huby & Emily Turner
Leg 5 Jac Billington & Helen Coutie
Leg 6 Emma Grayson Bollon & Joelle O’Neill
Jill Hobson
Serena Blackburn

Leg 1 James Hingley & Lio Achard
Leg 2 Steve Raby & Lee Greenhalgh
Leg 3 Tim Knighton & James Mangeolles
Leg 4 Alan Squire & Garth De Roux
Leg 5 Jon Eagle & Phil Wilkinson
Leg 6 Neal Edmondson & Rob Furness

Martin Coates
Ron Taverner
Ian Taylor
Martin Critchley
Martin McCleave
Peter Scanlon
Ed Sanders
Phil McGeever
Steve Wood
Reece Milton

Please can you confirm that you are still able to run, via email or Facebook, and also that the leg you have been allocated is suitable.

Bev Elliott
Nathan Crossley


Photo credit: Tim Street and Paul Senior at Calderdale Way Relay by Holmfirth Harriers